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California Court of Appeal Determines State Law Preempts Local Ordinance Provisions in Specific Instances

CEQA Case Report: Understanding the Judicial Landscape for Development[i] By Christopher W. Garrett, Daniel P. Brunton, Lauren Glaser, Natalie C. Rogers, and Jennifer K. Roy In a partially published opinion issued April 4, 2018, Small Property Owners of San Francisco Institute v. City and County of San Francisco, Case No. CPF14513453, the California Court of … Continue Reading

San Francisco Board of Supervisors Revisions to CEQA Procedures: Almost Final

By Paul Singarella, Shivaun Cooney, Andrea Hogan, and Adam Thomas On July 16, 2013, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously passed on first reading an ordinance that would amend the  California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) procedures set forth in Chapter 31 of the City’s Administrative Code.  A vote on final passage of the ordinance … Continue Reading